Tuesday, 22 January 2008

"Parting is such sweet sorrow" as some bloke from somewhere near Birmingham once wrote. No wonder he wrote so many plays, every time he walked into a pub someone would shout "Oi! You're Bard".
Moving swiftly on. My scooter finally moved into the hands of its new owner a few weeks ago. In three and a half years my Piaggio B125 and I had travelled around 20,000 km on the knowledge and about 30 on the back of a recovery vehicle. We once parted company at slow speed on a wet road after a woman reversed into my path - not her fault though. No surprise there eh? She refused to give her insurance details on the basis that she had no damage to her car. Only because I swerved round you and dropped the bike to the deck, you stupid bint! Anyway, not much damage to the bike, not much damage to me (still cost me a couple of hundred quid to put it right though) and an extra dent in any faith in the insurance system actually doing any work for the money we are forced to pay them.
So, everything put right and the scooter moves on to a newcomer to the knowledge. Best of luck Mark. Enjoy it, the summer's on its way.
Happy to say a couple of old knowledge buddies made their way into the suburbs over the past few weeks and hopefully get their badges very soon. Well done Paul (Blue Lion) , Jacko and Andy SE. Well deserved, all three of you. Not long now and you'll all be out in the cab wondering why it's so bloody quiet out there. :)
Actually, it hasn't been too bad out there since the new year, so hopefully we won't all suffer too much.

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